There is no planet B!


Our mission


We are fully dedicated to changing textile industry practices to achieve perfect sustainability while keeping our quality standards as high as ever.

Quattro Elementi was born from a simple concept: ancient knowledge and cutting-edge science are both necessary to design the future of our industry.

From each of the four elements, we derive the inspiration to apply a number of technological solutions that will help us find our way.

In our blog, you can learn more about what we do as we will continue writing about our proposals.

• Fire is energy. We have been using photovoltaic pannels to reduce our energy consumption. We’ve already cut back 365 tons of CO2 per year, and we’re just getting started.

• Air is our atmosphere. We must protect its quality by lowering or eliminating our emissions. We have been investing in this technology for years. We have already cut down the emissions of our drying process 500 tons per year.

• Water is the matter of our life. We are already successfully treating 100% of the water used in our plants.

• Earth symbolizes every life form that inhabits our planet. To us, this means exploring all materials to protect life. We are already exploring hemp, algae, pineapple and other alternatives to create the finest and most sustainable fabrics.


This is a process

While we are working every day to improve these standards and to apply them faithfully, we are also creating new ideas every day.

We don’t want to be sustainable to follow a fad, and we don’t want to create subpar products either. Every towel we make using sustainable practices must always follow the exact same patterns of quality that we have always followed.

We will be working hard on our social media channels to display our products and our processes so you can see every step of the journey.

Quattro Elementi is a way forward

We must protect our planet. We must cherish it, keep it, value it. The future belongs to us because the past brought us here. Aristotle described the four elements as a basis for science. We think of his “simple bodies” as a guiding light for the scientific methods we are applying to our craft.


Fire is hot and dry. Fire is energy. Our energy must be warm and clean.


Air is the ultimate element of life. We must protect our airways and keep them light.


Water is the element of calm and peace. In our water lives our planet.


Earth is the element of material groundedness. Everything we do must respect it.